What is mindfulness and how can mindfulness help me?

More than ever, people are talking about mindfulness.  But what is it and how could it help you?

Mindfulness can help you manage your wellbeing and mental health.  It can enable you to:


    • ✓ feel less overwhelmed
      ✓ improve your sleep quality
      ✓ positively change the way you think and feel about your experiences (especially stressful experiences)
      ✓ increase your ability to manage difficult situations
      ✓ make wiser choices
      ✓ reduce levels of anxiety
      ✓ reduce levels of depression
      ✓ reduce levels of stress
      ✓ reduce the amount you chew things over in your mind
      ✓ have greater self-compassion


Mindfulness is not fluffy nonsense or silly, nor is it a passing fad.  But, it does take effort and work to develop mindfulness skills and time to practice them.

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The scientific evidence and clinical research that underpins mindfulness is strong and growing.  It shows positive effects on several aspects of whole-person health, including the mind, the brain, the body, and behaviour, as well as a person’s relationships with others.