Maya Campbell

Description of courses:

MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
MSC Mindful Self-Compassion


Ms Maya Campbell

What qualifications or training do you hold?

MSc Psychology 2014 Oxford University Mindfulness Centre Teacher Training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 2016 Centre for Mindful Self Compassion, University of San Diego Teacher training in Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) 2016 Centre for Mindfulness, Practice & Research, Bangor University Advanced Level 2 (TT2) Teacher training in Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBSR and MBCT) 2014 – 2015 Specialist Mindfulness teacher training:- Inquiry process in mindfulness – Bangor (CMRP) Group processes in mindfulness - Bangor (CMRP) One-to-one in mindfulness - Bangor (CMRP) Neuroscience of mindfulness – Oxford (OMC) Summer school – advanced mindfulness training Oxford (OMC) Conferences (Neuroscience of mindfulness, Mindfulness and Society, Bangor University (CMRP)

If you teach MBCT, what professional mental health training do you hold?

I have a masters in Psychology and have worked for three years in the NHS as an honorary assistant psychology and recovery worker where I received training in a number of modalities including CBT, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention. I am currently undertaking training in psychotherapy and am doing the first level (certificate) in Third Wave CBT which includes Mindfulness, ACT, DBT and CFT.


07706 138894

How do you continually ensure your knowledge and skills are up-to-date?

I am continuously attending master class workshops, courses and meeting wih mindfulness teachers.

Do you adhere to appropriate professional and ethical boundaries and frameworks in your work as a mindfulness-based teacher?

I adhere to the appropriate professional and ethical boundaries as a mindfulness teacher. Additionally, I am a graduate member of the British Psychology Society (BPS) and adhere to the ethical and professional guidelines for Psychologists.