Barbara Hussong

Description of courses:

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course with elements of MBCT offered to small groups, or to individuals either face-to-face or as distance learning. All courses include an individual orientation session, 8-weekly sessions, a one-day workshop and a follow-up session. Instructions to the main Mindfulness meditations and gentle movements with exploration of and dialogue into the experience with the meditations to facilitate the learning and encourage a deeper understanding, and also support the integration into daily life.
Audio recordings (CDs or MP3s) and supportive workbook are included for the home practice.

Courses start: Wednesday, 20th September 2017 at 6.30-8.30 pm,.
Cost: £250 (group), £450 (individual), concessions available.

Ongoing group support offered after completion of the course.


Ms Barbara Hussong

What qualifications or training do you hold?

MBSR/MBCT Teacher Training at Bangor University. Associate Teacher and Supervisor at Mindfulness Network CIC. Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) Teacher Training.

If you teach MBCT, what professional mental health training do you hold?

Dip. Biodynamic Psychotherapy, UKCP reg.


01622 670587

How do you continually ensure your knowledge and skills are up-to-date?

With ongoing, regular 1-to-1 supervision, monthly Mindfulness peer group, meetings with other MBSR/MBCT teachers, daily meditation practice and CPD: workshops, conferences, reading of relevant books, media study, reflections and retreats.

Do you adhere to appropriate professional and ethical boundaries and frameworks in your work as a mindfulness-based teacher?

Yes, to the Good Practice Guidelines of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers and to the UKCPs codes of ethics.

Member of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations