Desiree Hansson

Description of courses:

I am not currently offering 8 week courses, to the public as I am involved in the Myriad research programme of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (focused on teaching MBCT for life).

In the past I\\\'ve taught MBSR courses (9 session) to the public through the Mindfulness Network CIC, and MBCT courses within the NHS mental health services.


Dr Desiree Hansson

What qualifications or training do you hold?

Phd (Psychology), MA in Clinical Psychology, & MA in Mindfulness-based Buddhist Psychotherapy, MSoc Sc |(psychology), BSc Hons, Advanced Diploma & European Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I\\\'m an accredited EMDR Consultant-Supervisor and a UKCP accredited supervisor, and am trained in a range of psychological therapies. Since 2005 I\\\'ve completed a supervised pathway to develop my skills and experience as a mindfulness teacher and supervisor (mainly through Exeter University).

If you teach MBCT, what professional mental health training do you hold?

HCPC registered psychologist, BPS chartered clinical psychologist, and UKCP accredited psychotherapist. I worked in the NHS specialist mental health services from 2001 to 2014.


07944 555269



How do you continually ensure your knowledge and skills are up-to-date?

Attend a range of CPD events, read literature, listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and dharma teachings, meet with peers regularly, attend regular retreats, and have a longstanding daily practice. I do a lot of preparation to stay aware of developments in the field, as part of my teaching for the Exeter University postgraduate programme in mindfulness-based approaches, and the Masters programme in mindfulness-based core process psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute.

Do you adhere to appropriate professional and ethical boundaries and frameworks in your work as a mindfulness-based teacher?


Member of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations