Julia Morris


Julia Morris

What qualifications or training do you hold?

BA (Honours) Psychology, Cape Town University. MSC Social Psychology, London University Diploma in Clinical Psychology (British Psychological Society)

If you teach MBCT, what professional mental health training do you hold?

Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy





How do you continually ensure your knowledge and skills are up-to-date?

I attend workshops, peer supervision, keep abreast of research in the area through attendance at mindfulness special interest group meetings, attend silent one day retreats, read a lot of current research and new books on mindfulness. Use the 2nd edition of Segal, Williams and Teasdale on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and also the 2nd edition of Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat Zinn for teaching MBSR.

Do you adhere to appropriate professional and ethical boundaries and frameworks in your work as a mindfulness-based teacher?