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Mindfulness training is happening right now and achieving outstanding results! In the NHS Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber region, for example, IAPT patients taking the ‘Be Mindful’ online course are reporting average reductions of 47% in depression and 44% in anxiety, achieving a recovery rate of 69%. In the workplace, companies such as BT and GE are reporting even better results when offering their staff mindfulness training as part of wellbeing initiatives.

Are you looking to offer mindfulness training in your organisation? The outstanding results speak for themselves; an RCT from the University of Surrey (published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology) showed significant average reductions in work-related rumination, chronic fatigue and improvements in sleep quality for completers of the Be Mindful online course.

So whether you’re wanting to provide mindfulness training (MBCT/MBSR) to staff or patients, you can search for qualified mindfulness teachers here, see how you can provide places on the Be Mindful online course here, or simply get in touch.

Join the many others who are offering mindfulness in their organisation and achieving life-changing results.

Why not have a look at the online mindfulness course for yourself?

For NHS IAPT patients presenting with a mild to moderate level of depression and anxiety that meets the criteria for Caseness, the Be Mindful course achieves a Recovery rate of 69% – Significantly higher than the current average Recovery rate of 45% for all IAPT treatments delivered.