MBCT evidence

Many people speak positively about how MBCT has transformed their lives, and clinical research has proven that it can benefit people suffering from recurrent depression and other clinically diagnosed mental health problems. In fact, the evidence is so robust that the National Institute for Clinical and Health Excellence (NICE) recommends it for all people who have had two or more depressive episodes.

Evidence from clinical trials across the globe is compelling, and whilst more trials are needed, the case for mindfulness is growing by the day.


  • MBCT is more effective than maintenance doses of antidepressants in preventing a relapse in depression.
  • Three-quarters of people taking an MBCT course alongside antidepressants were able to come off their medication within 15 months.
  • MBCT can also reduce the severity of symptoms for people who are experiencing an episode of depression.


  • MBCT has been shown to reduce insomnia in people with anxiety disorders.
  • People who are more mindful have greater self-esteem and feel less neurotic.
  • Meditation-based practices like mindfulness reduce people’s dependence on alcohol, caffeine, prescription medication and illegal drugs.

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