About us

About us

About us

The Mental Health Foundation believes that everyone has a right to good mental health and we commit ourselves to working for this right to become a reality.

We create and share knowledge that empowers people to understand the steps they can take to reduce the risks, increase their resilience to mental health problems and increase their positive mental health. We do this by:

  • Developing and running research and delivery programmes across the UK that have, for more than six decades, given us the evidence and expertise to know what works and how to intervene earlier.
  • Use what we learn to help everyone by offering straightforward and clear information on every aspect of mental health and learning disabilities.
  • Influence policymakers and advocate for changes in services, using firm evidence and the voices of people with direct experience of the issues.

We will promote research and understanding of how different group and individual life experiences are associated with mental ill health, drawing attention to the causes and ways to tackle these using evidence-based approaches.

Mindfulness is part of the Mental Health Foundation’s strategy for a fresh emphasis on prevention, linking service innovation and focused investment where solutions will have most impact.  Mindfulness has come a long way since we first started encouraging people to Be Mindful in 2010, however the need for more active investment in preventing mental health problems remains.

By working with our supporters, partners and mental health champions from diverse walks of life we will continue to campaign vigorously to ensure that the attention and resources of our parliaments, the National Health Service and all service providers are focussed on mental health with the same urgency and importance that is given to physical health. We will lead a changed direction in thinking on action to prevent mental ill health.

To find out more visit mentalhealth.org.uk